Virtual Site Monitoring Is

Study Staff

Live virtual access to your study sites seen through the eyes of site staff.

Glasses & Software

Patent pending livestream video technology paired with compliant telemedicine software.

Remote Study Monitor

Interact in real-time with your study sites from the comfort of your home or office.

Enable Study Monitors to See what the Site See

Give your study monitors the ultimate virtual site tour experience with both remote live video and guided documentation.

Live HD video to a remote site monitor

Study monitor keeps tour on target in app

Designed for Comprehensive Virtual Site Visits

Capture Closeups of Inventory

HD quality up close images of hard to read labels, study drug, inventory and other key visuals.

Download Real-Time Trip Reports

Access monitoring visit summaries the moment a site visit is complete and easily upload to your trip reporting system.

Securely Share Site Files

Transmit, reference and present study files between monitors and sites before, during and after monitoring visits.

Pre-Site Selection

Eliminate travel overhead & scheduling conflicts by enabling live virtual tours of sites around the world.

Site Initiation

Enhance site startup and prevent future deviations with first person livestreaming during site initiation.

Interim Monitoring

See everything the site coordinator sees, when you need to see it. Conduct spot checks of drug and supply inventory with ease.

Common Uses of Virtual Site Monitoring

Supplier Audits

Conduct remote tours of supplier and vendor facilities during audit process.

Site Closeout

Review final logs, interview staff and confirm collection/storage or destruction of study elements.

Home Health

Connect principal investigators and other providers into the home when a compliment to nursing is required.






What our Customers Say About Us


CRO Case Study

“Innovative approaches like these, which leverage the latest technologies, are what will continue to drive improvement in trial operations, not only in our current crisis but also well beyond it. ”

 VP at CRO

Monitor Experience

“The advanced technology coupled with the incredible support of the VirTrial team has made our job easier, and sites have been able to schedule with us faster than ever before.”

D. Palmer, Study Monitor

Reduce Study Site Start Up From Months to Weeks

VirTrial’s cutting edge technology enables virtual site selection through closeout for Sponsors and CROs, allowing monitors to see exactly what a study coordinator sees at the site.